Frontline Bespoke Aluminium Tub Seat

Frontline Bespoke Aluminium Tub Seat

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Get a snippet of the Frontline Bespoke world with our tailored Aluminium Tub seats. Our seats are handmade in house and fitted to each individual, to perfect lumber and bolster fitment. An unlimited choice of materials and styles enable you to finish your restoration with the perfect personal touch.

Our Tub seats are supplied with sliding runners, ready to install and can include spacers to optimise positioning inside any MGB. When installed without our spacers, these seats will enable owners to sit much lower inside the car, which is particularly useful for Roadster owners who are 6ft and above who, are tired of looking at the windscreen surround, rather than the road ahead.

The indicated price is based on a basic design with fluted stitching and no headrests. Please contact us with your vision for an accurate quotation. Seats are made to order and have a four-week lead time. A seat fitting at our Abingdon HQ is required for a tailored fit.