MGB / MGC Anti-lift front valance
Green Roadster (2)Resized BGT

MGB / MGC Anti-lift front valance

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Our changes to the base platform of the MGB and MGC make incredible improvements to the handling and comfort of the cars, but we were still struggling to maintain position on the road at those higher cruising speeds due to the amount of airflow under the car.

Here you will find Frontline’s own take on the original ‘Special Tuning’ designed air dam that worked fantastically, but created two camps among people when it came to the visual appearance!

Our valance is designed to retain a period look and approach while keeping frontal pressure on the car when at a higher speed. The valance is constructed of glass-reinforced-plastic with a white gel coat and comes fully assembled with air ducts, rear studding should you wish to mount a mesh grille, ready to fit and paint.