Morris Minor 5-speed gearbox conversion
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Morris Minor 5-speed gearbox conversion

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Complete Ford 5-speed gearbox kit with short remote for the Morris Minor

Whether you have the original mechanical clutch, have converted to hydraulic, have the original engine or have upgraded to a 1275, we manufacturer all options available for the Morris including the CC and CG engines

Complete with fully reconditioned short remote gearbox, Alloy bellhousing and bolt set, Clutch plate, Clutch cover, Clutch roller release bearing kit, Clutch pivot, Spigot bush, Prop-shaft, Gearbox mounting kit and bolt set, tunnel cover, Speedo cable and clip and a Quick-shift gear lever.

A simple bolt in installation with no cutting or welding is required.

Note: CC and CC engines have different size spigot bushes. If you cannot specify which you need, we can supply both and credit any returned parts.

Please call to discuss your specific requirements

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Pricing options

t 1275mk MM – 1275cc with mechanical clutch – £3593.80

t 1275hk MM – 1275cc with hydraulic clutch – £3560.80

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