MGB V8 4 piston brake conversion for original V8 wheels
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MGB V8 4 piston brake conversion for original V8 wheels

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Now available, our billet alloy 4 poston front disk brake conversion specifically designed for the MGB GT V8 with original 14″ wheels. This is a bolt on replacement for the OEM supplied braking system and comes complete with discs, calipers, pads, banjos, lock tabs and all required components to install directly to your MGB V8.

Now that original calipers are becoming harder to source and repair, this system was designed by us to replace the original system, but allowing you to revert back to the original at any time should it be required.

Offering 4 piston calipers the pad surface area is greater offering far superior stopping power and being made from billet alloy, the heat dissipation property of the braking system is far greater than cast iron, so brake fade is greatly reduced


Also available with grooved discs for additional cooling £827.00