MGB Front suspension kit
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MGB Front suspension kit

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Designed in conjunction with Ken Costello, our telescopic front suspension conversion is a complete bolt on upgrade for the MGB. Through many hours of testing on the road and track, our conversion has been developed to increase efficiency, grip and feel at the front end without adding any harshness. Add to this the specially developed dampers and the ride quality is also greatly improved. The conversion can be used with standard, lowered or uprated springs and anti-roll bars.

Our MGB front suspension kit is now supplied as standard with our uprated tubular wishbone arms (Picture shows a cast arm). These arms give you further increased bump travel allowing you to either lower the car further or just travel faster over uneven ground. Ask us about our Nitron upgrade package!

The kit for a rubber bumper MGB includes additional items and has a respective price of £1126.50

Have us fit it for you, from £450.00 (+ vat)

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Download Fitting Instructions

State-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes have resulted in the ultimate bolt-on replacement kit for the MGB front suspension system. It uses cast alloy wishbones and damper mounting units to aid weight reduction and increase rigidity over the original lever arms. Bespoke Avo telescopic dampers provide vertical bump absorption, increase ride control and reduce flex while at the same time enhancing ride quality and comfort. The conversion can be used with standard, lowered or uprated springs and anti-roll bars. Damper mounting brackets locate through existing MGB pan holes. The conversion consists of a pair of precision-machined aluminium wishbone and damper mounting units, Avo dampers, polyurethane bushes, lower damper mounting brackets and a fitting kit, complete to the last nut and bolt.

Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of mechanics will be completely at home with this installation.
You will need a small tool kit, some axle stands and a jack as the front wheels will need to be removed. Roughly 3 hours per side will see this kit installed. Detailed instructions are provided.
Download fitting instructions
Always use appropriate equipment for the job at hand. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

How do I know what springs and dampers to use on my car? This does vary depending on the use you give your car. The best thing is to ask us. We have years of experience in this and will be able to give you appropriate advice. The dampers are top-quality, gas-filled units specifically engineered for this conversion. We offer a 12 month or 12000 mile failure warranty, whichever is sooner, on all components in the conversion. We do reserve the right to inspect all items claimed for under warranty. That said, the build quality of the dampers is very high and we would expect these units to last at least as long as those fitted to modern cars.

Why is this better than standard? The new alloy top link has improved geometry to give better grip and directional control. Add to this the specially developed gas dampers and the ride quality is also greatly improved. Why should I choose this over other conversions? This conversion bolts directly to your car with minimal alteration or setting up. It only takes a little longer to install than changing the standard lever arms. It has also been proved over time on road and track and offers superior durability. Will it make my car harsh to drive? I don’t want a race car. No. This suspension conversion, as with all our conversions, has been designed for road and sport use. When used with the right springs and roll bars you can set your car up for touring, general day-to-day use or track day driving. The important thing with this conversion is its ability to make the car feel more stable and so you feel more in control.