Mr JWW drives the all new Frontline Developments V8

Mr JWW Drives.........
"…This car is everything that the Restomod series is all about"

"You're soon pitching it through bends with absolute confidence"

Evo's review of the Abingdon Edition
"…The Abingdon Edition MGB Roadster is one of the most enjoyable and desirable cars I’ve driven all year." Richard Meaden

Chris Evans reviews our cars for the Mail on Sunday

Chris Evans review
"…'This is one of the world’s official dream machines' - Chris Evans, November 2015"

It seems that Chris likes our car..... Read the full article to find out how much

A great end to the year for the team at Frontline Developments

Mail on Sunday 'Car of the year' 2015
"…I can’t imagine any vehicle that could inspire a bigger grin."

Drive channel spend time at Frontline Developments understanding what and who they are
"…This is no ordinary car........."

"…One customer has traded in a recent 911 for an Abingdon - and we can see why" David Lillywhite

"Don't Even think about it, Kids. This is going in my special place"

The Sunday Times Review of the LE50
"…...the LE50 lets you regain a freedom and purity of automotive interaction while enjoying today's dependability" Dom Jolly

25 British cars you have to drive before you die!

CAR Review 2015
"…It doesn’t just bring back the magic, it leaves shattered rose-tinted lenses in its wake. Fantastic! CJ Hubbard, CAR magazine 2015"

"The surprise is that it still feels like an MGB; just a very good one"

Octane's Review of the LE50
"…An MGB, even at £50,000, is still a classless classic. We loved it." David Lillywhite

it’s an MGB re-think of epic intelligence. Bravo.

Practical Classics's Review of the LE50
"…This is an astonishing car, developed to a modern, big-name car manufacturer’s levels" John Simister

"The LE50 handles beautifully..."

Classic and Sports Car's Review of the LE50
"…that four-pot sounds glorious once it’s really working hard" James Page