Limited slip diff fine spline

Limited slip diff fine spline

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The limited slip diff does as it says. While allowing you to drive around corners normally, it also allows you to use the power when you want. A series of plates and gears inside the unit sense when one wheel is starting to spin and transfers more power to the other wheel, which gives you maximum traction and controllability all the time. Using a limited slip diff reduces wheel spin, increases cornering speed ability and gives a far more consistent drive as both wheels are pushing the car forward at the same time.

This limited slip differential is fitted with our own unique fine spline internal gears designed to mate up to our own half shafts giving over double the strength of the standard or even uprated versions and will require a set of our shafts to install into your car. If wishing to fit to your own half shafts, our standard spline LSD will be required

These are the ultimate differentials available on the market and have been rigorously tested in the most brutal of conditions in Sprites and Midgets fitted with over 250 bhp under the bonnet. This is definitely what they call a ‘Fit and forget’ item!