Full sound deadening kit for MGB

Full sound deadening kit for MGB

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Our pre-cut Dynamat kit comes ready to install, individually labelled for your convenience. This DIY kit quickly transforms any MGB, making the interior feel solid, with rain and wind noise virtually eliminated and a satisfying door and boot closure, like never felt before. This is the trusted kit used to make all Frontline commissions a pleasant place to be, providing a modern standard of cabin and a comfortable cruising environment. The kit also includes all necessary Dynaliner sections which additionally prevent transmission of mechanical vibration, heat and, reduce buzzing noises that can spoil your ride. If you are tired of driving a tin can – this kit is for you!

Application tool included.


m-dynakit-B – MGB Roadster – £942.10

m-dynakit-GT – MGB GT – £1,221.10.

Suitable for LHD & RHD vehicles.

Worldwide shipping available