1973 MGB LE50



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Aston Martin Sage Green


Oyster leather

Perhaps you are looking for a Frontline but without the three-year wait, or looking to make a saving on our current prices, if so, LE03 is the car for you.

LE03, was commissioned in 2012 and has covered fewer than 10,000 miles since. It remains in glorious condition and is immediately available from our Abingdon facility.

We are offering this LE50 for sale on behalf of its owner, as part of the Frontline Cherished programme, where the vehicle will be supplied with a fresh bill of health and a six-month Frontline warranty. Our preparations have included installing our latest suspension and our current bespoke aluminium tub seats.

The specification of the car is very classic, the 80’s Aston Martin exterior paintwork works perfectly alongside the light Oyster leather, which also makes the small MGB cabin feel much brighter and keeps the interior cooler on the hotter days. The 2.0L powertrain is just about run in, and feels as fresh as can be with a real willingness to rev. The car has been specified without power steering and is incredibly engaging to drive, it boasts a slick gear shift, raspy exhaust note and an exquisitely finished interior.

Replicating this restoration today would cost around £130,000.00 and so we feel that LE03 could be enjoyed for many miles with little concern of its residual value.